• Healthcare x Data Science

    We provide the best team from both worlds.

  • Statistics X Machine Learning

    We provide the best team from both worlds.

  • Inference X Prediction

    We provide the best team from both worlds.

Royyak is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, data scientists, computer scientists, and IT engineers. We believe that proper data handling and management are key to project success. We also provide analysis with a state-of-the-art tool from conventional statistics to cutting-edge AI and machine learning models.

Our Advantages


Healthcare personnel can understand the healthcare data best. Our wide-range specialists can offer in-depth medical knowledge to fit best for the project.


A data scientist has a broad work specification, but only healthcare data scientists can understand medical data. Good news! All of our data scientists are healthcare scientists who mastered their fields.


Our team has worked with tertiary-care hospitals and national organizations. We also have experience and publication in multiple international journals.

Let us help

We offer the whole process from data management to advanced analysis, inferences,
and prediction with machine learning and AI.

Data registry

Registry planning is the first crucial step. Many studies need to integrate the data from multiple sources, and we provide a solution to collect past and ongoing data with a full scale of security.

Study design

Our team is comprised of epidemiologists who are an expert to help design the protocol of the study.

Statistical analysis

We provide conventional basic and advanced statistical analysis from the first step of sample size calculation to the final research stage.

Machine learning and AI

Our computer scientists and data scientists are experts in applying machine learning and AI to healthcare data! We worked with tabular, signal, images, sounds, and various non-structured data, and believe us; this is what we are proud of most!